Contracting Reform

hyperlocal communication strategy


 ISD implemented a hyper local and data driven communications strategy to both advertise contract opportunities and drive local, small, and diverse businesses to register to do business with the County of Los Angeles. 

on-line reference checks


 County contracting rules require reference checks of potential contractors. Previously, these reference checks were done via hard copy documents and/or in person telephone calls. Hence, many reference checks cycle times were long and difficult to finalize. ISD has instituted new, on-line reference checks times and improved the quality of the reference checks.

request for concept papers


This year, ISD utilized an alternative solicitation process via a Request for Concept Paper (RFCP). This process invites Concept Papers from organizations to propose concepts for project implementation. ISD has utilized the RFCP process to establish Short Lists of Development Teams that will be invited to respond to existing Request for Proposals (RFP)

webcast of pre-proposal conferences


 Many County RFPs require attendance at pre-proposal conferences. For the first time, ISD has been webcasting pre-proposal conferences via Skype. This allows for more businesses to “attend” the conference and thereby meet one of the minimum requirements of the RFP. This is another example of ISD reducing the friction in the procurement process to allow more businesses to participate. 

streamline solicitation documents


 ISD has reviewed the forms required for service contracting and preliminarily identified at least 7 for removal. ISD is also looking at policies and ordinances across the board to make the process even easier.

online service contracting pilot


 ISD piloted on-line service contracting - allowing businesses to submit proposals on-line and removing the arduous paper-based process that currently exists. This pilot will act as a proof of concept for the future implementation of an end-to-end e-procurement system.